Play Big 101 Play Big 101
Teaches you the two simple steps to transforming failure into confidence and the 7 Mindset Deathtraps that kill most baseball careers.$97 value… FREE! Click here to start now.
Play Big Book Learn MorePlay Big Book
Mental Toughness Secrets That Take Baseball Players to the Next Level
A young baseball player is frustrated beyond belief... and on the verge of choking away a dream... when a mysterious man appears andoffers coaching beyond the player s wildest imagination. As the drama unfolds you ll discover... How to make total confidence as easy as ABC The hidden Law right now governing your success in everything How to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings in5 minutes or less What really causes you to under-perform... and how to fix it 5 simple steps to breaking through to the next level. Click here for skyrocketing baseball confidence.

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142: Confidence Training
In 9 brief video lessons you discover EXACTLY what to do between pitches to blast through fear, doubt and frustrationand play CONSISTENT, high level baseball whether you are 10 years old or a pro. 24-page Action Guide makes learning simple. Based on the book PLAY BIG (121). Click here to get started.
Play Big Profile Learn MoreThe Hanson Play Big Profile
The Biggest Advance in Baseball Training and Scouting Since the Radar Gun
The mental game holds the ultimate key to a player’s success… but how do you measure it?The Hanson Play Big Profile will measure and reportto you, on a 1 to 10 scale on your motivation and drive to win, your mental toughness, your emotional self control, your understanding of what it takes to stay steady through the ups and downs,your understanding of what it takes to win, how coachable are you, how do you get along with your teammates, how well you handle adversity, how good you are at making decisions, your concentrationability, your intuition, and much, much more. Click here to measure your mental game.
201: Advanced Confidence Training

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201: Advanced Confidence Training
Dr. Tom coaches you along the way in these extraordinary videos
Six month subscription consisting of 24 coaching videos. They are like “workouts” — the player does them along with Dr. Tom in thevideo.Click here to learn more.
Play Big 101Learn More Effortless Power Hitting
Hit with More Power in Less Than One Hour
How would you like to actually hit in games with the freedom and confidence you do in your best moments of batting practice?Imagine consistently stepping up to the plate energized but totally relaxed, certain something good is about to happen — even if you struck out your last time up!?Yes, you can, but there is ONE secret: You have to TRAIN specifically to hit with effortless power.Key Benefits include: Relax and have fun in pressure packed game situations, Let go of frustration, anger and disappointment quickly and easily, Stop choking and start raking, Step-by-step drillsand progress checks take you by the hand, A much more powerful approach to coaching hitting — get great mechanics without making hitters “mechanical”. Click here for more hitting power.
WinningBaseball Nutrition Learn MoreWinning Baseball Nutrition
Poor Nutrition Hasn’t Been Your Fault … Until Now
Dr. Tom picked the brains of Dr. Paul Arciero, a Sports Performance Nutritionist. He’s a sports nutrition rock star, a go-to guy for themedia when they want to know the latest, cutting edge science of nutrition. He doesn’t just read the research — he does it and has for the last 25 years. We asked Dr. Paul all the big questionswe have about baseball nutrition and all the big questions we got from other parents, players and coaches and created a simple, step-by-step guide that gives you the fundamental principles youhave to know to make great food choices in baseball, AND we got him to get “grocery-list” specific in his recommendations. (You do, in fact, get a grocery list as a bonus with the program for whatyou should put in your cooler when you go to the park for a tournament day.)Click here to learnmore.
Finally, the Yips Cure for Baseball Players, Golfers, and Others having trouble doing "simple" things.
Can you relate to these feelings baseball players report having about throwing (or golfers putting): Fear, Frustration, Clammy Hands,Tension, Vice-grip chest, Doubt, Anguish, Slow spinning knot in your stomach and nights and days spent dreading your next yip-isode? Imagine those feelings gone. Removed fast. Painlessly. Be thebaseball yips (throwing yips -- the "throwing problem" where you can't throw a short distance or throw a strike any more) or golf putting yips, or any other kind of "choking" you may be doing; Ican fix it. And you back playing great, and having fun. Click here to learn more.