"an unfair advantage for baseball players, coaches, and parents!"

Play Big: Mental Toughness Secrets That Take Baseball Players To The Next Level

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A young baseball player is frustrated beyond belief... and on the verge of choking away a dream... when a mysterious man appears and offers coaching beyond the player's wildest imagination.

As the drama in Play Big unfolds, you'll discover:

  • how to make total confidence as easy as "ABC"
  • the hidden law right now governing your success in everything!
  • how to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings in 5 minutes or less
  • what really causes you to under-perform... and how to fix it
  • 5 simple steps to breaking through to the next level
  • and much more...

"Devour every page of this book and you will have a huge advantage over those unlucky enough to have not found this book or who are too close-minded to try it."

What Others Are Saying About Play Big...

"Discover Secrets to Beating Failure and Frustration Few Big Leaguers Even Know!"

-Dave Hilton
Former MLB 1st Overall Draft Pick

"Dr. Tom Hanson's teachings have been extremely helpful to me, not only in my career, but in my life in general. This book takes you way beyond typical sport psychology."

-Carlos Peña
Former MLB Player

"Simple and powerful... I started teaching my team the ideas in this book before I was half way done with the story!"

-Scott Brosius
1998 World Series MVP

"A wonderful story with the power to change lives... a worthy successor to Millman's classic 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior'."

-Eric Leskowitz, MD
Harvard Medical School

Claim FREE Copy of Play Big Book!(just cover S/H)

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Claim FREE Copy of Play Big Book!(just cover S/H)

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Claim FREE Copy of Play Big Book!(just cover S/H)

About Dr. Tom Hanson

Dr. Tom Hanson has coached baseball players from Little League to Big League World Champions, and executives from small business to Fortune 500 companies. His cutting edge approach to performance has made him the "go-to guy" for athletes and others chasing big dreams. His client list includes the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers, Microsoft, and Verizon.

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