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Here's What You'll Discover:

  • the one idea you MUST get if you want any chance at CONSISTENTLY hitting with effortless power
  • simple drills that train you to develop effortless power
  • the do-it-yourself process that transforms your self-defeating thoughts about yourself into unstoppable confidence at the plate
  • how to put all the ideas into your training routine
  • and much more...

Here's Why You Should Study and Practice the Effortless Power Drills in This Program...

  • Think of a pitch you totally crushed – but felt like you barely swung. Developing effortless power hitting skills will make those memorable blasts part of your new “normal” hitting!
  • As you progress with this simple system, your embarrassing “wet newspaper” hitting days will end; you’ll still get out sometimes… but you’ll be feared.
  • You’ll insure yourself against the Mendoza Line, Hat Tricks, and other humiliating hitting “accomplishments”
  • You’ll transform your teammates’ image of you from “another guy on the team” to one of the few cool guys who “mash” (They might not actually say anything to you, but you’ll be able to feel their respect, and see it in their eyes as they stop to watch you take BP.)
  • You’ll no longer have to worry about being on the outside of the cliques of good players on your team -- it’s tough to not like a teammate who rakes.
  • Your consistency and contact will skyrocket as well as your power…What would it feel like to lead your team in every hitting category? Imagine you’re the one scouts are there to see … where would you feel that pride in your body?

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Lesson 1: How to Generate Confidence

Players hit the way they feel: Confidence breeds good hitting, Fear and Doubt kill it. Unfortunately, the relentless failure all hitters endure makes maintaining confidence nearly impossible for the untrained player. In this Live Training, you’ll discover how to empower players to:

  • Use the Confidence Generator to Inject an “I’m Going to Rip it” Mindset (without having to have success first)
  • Generate confidence from thin air so they can go into each AB with a positive approach
  • Gain independence from the need to get hits to feel confident so they can access their true talent each time up – regardless of how they’ve hit lately
  • Relax and trust their training so they can have a quality AB right now
  • Execute their best mechanics under game pressure so lesson time and $ isn’t wasted
  • Inject themselves with an aggressive, killer instinct so they can get everything they can out of what they have right now
  • Plus – Train yourself to control your emotions and confidence level so you can consistently coach and parent your best!

Lesson 2: How to Install Consistency

Great hitters don’t just “think positive,” they believe, deep down, they can hit – and that no matter how much they fail, they’re just one AB away from another hot streak.  That belief is at the heart of consistency and mental toughness.  How do you develop that belief?

This lesson “goes deep” into the design of the mind and provides techniques for:

  • Building a deep-rooted belief that “I can hit!” so hitting confidence is a natural state (like it was when the hitter first started playing)
  • “Clearing out” past failures that contaminate the mindset of future ABs
  • Hitting in games with the confidence of BP
  • and more...

Lesson 3: How to Create a Clutch Hitter

Hitters are ALWAYS under pressure.  Clutch situations crank the pressure even more, but each time up everyone in the park is focused on the guy in the box.  High pressure performers in all fields, such as soldiers and fire fighters, are drilled on protocols, or “formulas” for giving their best in intense situations.

This training reveals a proven formula for creating the clutch hitter.  Regardless of how confident a hitter feels he can hit effectively if he is trained to execute a simple “battle plan.  You’ll discover ways to train hitters to:

  • Treat each AB as a separate event so slumps are minimized and hot streaks maximized
  • Let go of past ABs and other failures and concentrate on the next AB so they can hit with freedom and confidence
  • Prepare mentally and physically when in the hole and on deck so they’re locked in as they step in the box
  • Put themselves in their best possible position to get the clutch hit that creates the dog-pile!
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