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Here are the "cheat codes" for baseball that make the game easier and less frustrating...

(It's not really cheating. It’s just being smart. Watch the video below for more...)

“I teach this same system to Big Leaguers, Little Leaguers, and everyone in between.”

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Dear Players

Wouldn’t it be great if there were “cheat codes” for baseball?  Just like you can get cheat codes for Mario Brothers or Call of Duty that tell you easier ways to “beat” the game, what if there were cheat codes for baseball that made the game easier and less frustrating?

The program you now have in your hands is just that:  cheat codes for baseball. 

Don’t worry, this program isn’t really cheating, it’s just being smart.  It’s letting someone who knows how to make the game easier tell you how to do it.

NOTICE: Baseball will not be easy… I said easier.

Dear Parents and Coaches

This video coaching program is a game changer.  Its intent is to transform the way you and your player(s) approach baseball…

Players don’t have to be victims of the relentless ups and downs the game throws at them.

This program teaches you how to help your player(s) take hold of their “brain’s reins” and steer their minds to what’s most important so they can produce the results they want!

This program gives you a way to develop mental toughness in players at any level – and in yourself…

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